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Bear Flag Gallery Mall,

207 Third Street San Juan Bautista, CA 95045 Ph: (831) 623-4285. We are an international co-op of more than nine unique shops under one roof! Hours: Open 7 Days a week! 11am - 5pm

Alpaca Headquarters - Alpaca Clothing & Jewelry from Peru.

One of a Kind Arts - Jewelry, Religious Art, Souvenirs, Knitted Baby Gifts.

This & That by Mia - Handmade Jewelry, Art & Photography Services

Anatolia’s Stone Jewelry - Imports from the Ukraine, Stone Jewelry.

Victoria’s Treasures - Vintage & Collectible Arts, Cookbooks, Linens, etc

Simply Vintage - Vintage & Vintage Style Jewelry, Accessories,etc.

Aggies Porch - Vintage & Antique Furnishings & Collectibles

Time Zone Vintage - Vintage Clothing, Decor & Collectibles

San Juan Garden Shop - Plants, Gardening Supplies & Outdoor Decor



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Livin' The Green Dream,

410 Third Street Suite B San Juan Bautista, CA 95045 Ph: (831) 623-4475

Are you a GREEN freak? Do you reuse your butter containers? Try to find ways to use those wine corks? Problems throwing things away cause you think you can use them? How about all that rain water? Cleaning out your cat's empty canned food dishes to recycle? Well, if this is you your gonna like our store and if it's not we hope to change your ways! What is being "GREEN" mean?

At Livin' the Green Dream being "green" is a way of life. It's thinking about what we do now and how it will affect our future. Our everyday life practices can greatly affect our environment. Through our efforts we can make a difference. How we help folks be green...We aren't here just to sell products but to educate our customers. The products we chose to carry are carefully considered based on their impact on our environment and how they can benefit our customers. There are lots of choices out there so why not choose ones that will help you help the Earth. Send email


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Mrs. B's Z-Place,

306 Third Street San Juan Bautista, CA 95045 (831) 623-8880

Mrs. B’s Z-Place specializes in vintage inspired boutique items not found elsewhere. If you are in the San Juan Bautista, CA area, stop in or contact us. We have reproductions on fashion from all eras, and our sizes range from infants to XXXXL. We cater to both genders and all ages. We also have a wide range of products, including the following: hats, handbags (including Mary Frances products), shoes, jewelry (including Kenny Ma products), gifts and collectibles, rosebud miniature hats, children's books, games and puzzles, music and CD's, men's gifts, watches and eyewear (including Jimmy Crystal products), glasses, cuff links and hosiery.

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Jan's Rock Shop,

209 Third Street San Juan Bautista, CA 95045 Ph: (831) 623-444


ROCKS, minerals, fossils, gemstone jewelry, beads, jewelry making supplies and more! Some of our jewelry designers will rock your socks off. In business for over 30 years in San Juan, we strive hard to bring you the best quality at affordable prices. Visit our website to check out our art and jewelry classes! We also offer rock and mineral classes for students visiting the Mission and State Park. Please call for more information.Jewelry repair available. Send email