Masterpieces and memories to share.

 By embracing multicultural performing arts and artists, festivals, and street fairs, our community celebrates entertainment year-round. In our art galleries, we embrace looky-loos and serious collectors alike.

Ano Ne Art Gallery

Beauty is not complete without art, and we are the exclusive purveyor of paintings, drawings and assemblages by Who’s Who in the world contemporary modern artist Futzie Nutzle.

34-A Polk St, San Juan Bautista CA 95045
(831) 623-9275

The ART Experience / Darlene Boyd

We offer a variety of extended and pop-up workshops for your enjoyment and adventure and are eager to align with your organization to bring you community involvement through participation in the arts. See our website for calendar and rates.

(831) 801-2518

Credo Studios

Cultivating Creative Community Art Studio. As artists of all kinds, colors, shapes, sizes, we thrive when we come together to realize a common goal: authentic expression.

1 Polk St, San Juan Bautista, CA 95045
(831) 593-5077

El Teatro Campesino

Since its inception, El Teatro Campesino and its founder and artistic director, Luis Valdez, have set the standard for Latino theatrical production in the United States. For indoor and outdoor theater performances, visit our website.

705 Fourth St, San Juan Bautista, CA 95045
(831) 623-2444

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